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    Destination Exchange Server Spam Settings

      When ServiceNow's outgoing email server sends an email to a destination exchange server, it can appear to be coming 'from' the destination server and get caught in that exchange server's spam filter rules.  For example if Service Now sends out a group assignment email notification to a group of users at CompanyX, and CompanyX has a notification email setting of helpdesk@companyx.com in its ServiceNow Company record, that email notification can be seen by the destination exchange server as a bulk email being spoofed to appear as if its actually coming from companyx.  The Exchange server then marks as spam and never delivers.  I imagine this is a common occurrence for companies trying to receive email notifications from ServiceNow.  Are there settings I can recommend on CompanyX that they can set on their exchange server to allow multi-recipient emails to come through from service now? I am not an exchange admin but rather want to recommend settings to those that are admins at our client sites.