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    In Reporting/UI Policy conditions, How can lookup values be populated based on reference qualifier



      Will do best to describe the problem.


      We have a lot of catalog items where a select box is dependent on other select boxes. So the ideal way to write the dependency is using reference qualifier and pass the parent variable in an attribute using ref_qual_elements. Also, there are a lot of enhancement that keeps coming to add values to the select box, so we created a table for the client to maintain it so that they don't have to code again and again. Till here, there is no problem. But, when I am going through reporting or whenever I am writing a UI policy, I get a list of all the values from that table related to lookup field/reference field.


      Problem: I want lookup values to be populated based on the reference qualifier that I am mentioning in both reporting and UI policy condition filters (e.g. Test 1, Test 2, Test 3...) see screenshot no.4


      Please see the screenshot below for further explanation


      1. The lookup field is populated based on the table - see screenshot 3



      2. Passing catalog item as a variable, as my table as catalog item field




      3. My table from where I am reading the lookup values - this table my client wants to maintain



      4. The problem I am getting if I run a report, I don't get a list of my variables based on catalog items. Same thing happens in UI Policy (Should only be Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4)