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    how to restrict user from selecting   a field in a  filter .

      Hi All ,



      I got  a requirement about hiding a field on user record .

      ( Reqmnt : There is a field called ITIL certification on user form . It says who passed exam and who failed . so , privacy concern is the issue here . a user is able to pass of fail of other users . so we need to hide and make it visible to record owner , and it should be visible to managers and above designations . )



      i did work on it and i am successful in hiding the field on the form to users other than record owner , and it will be visible to all managers and above designations  only d.



      but user is able to add that field from the filter and run and see how many passed and how many failed exam .  which  leaves my work useless .



      Please suggest me if there is a way to hide this field in filter so that user won't  be able to select it and run the query .





      field on the form :



      user is adding  that field from filter and run  . This should not be allowed .  Below marked is the field name .



      have to  block user from adding the  marked field in above image  and Run the query in filter  . please suggest your thoughts .



      Thanks in advance