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    CSM For Orders

      Does anyone know how orders (csm_order) and order line items (csm_order_line_item) are created and processed in the Customer Service Management for Orders.


      I am more interested in the 'order' itself to be able to explain it from a process perspective (e.g. How does a Customer Submit an Order?) so we can demo a complete flow from submitting an order to raising a case against it.


      Thanks and advance!

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          Parag Mone

          Hello Emerson,


          I could think of following two use cases for "Orders"


          1. Customer requests support for an order

          - An Order / Invoice is created in the ERP system. For example, customer has placed an order for a device through eCommerce portal or billing statement generated by utility company

          - This Order / Invoice generated in the external system is transferred to ServiceNow as "Order" / "Order Line"

          - Customer calls in to report an issue for the "Order". This issue is captured as "Order Case". For example, customer reports an issue about missing package or customer reports an issue about the billing statement.


          2. Replacement order

          - Customer reports an issue for a specific asset (Installed product)

          - A case is created in the Customer Service Management

          -  Agent performs diagnostic tests and determines that installed product (device) is faulty and needs to be replaced

          - Replacement order (Order / Order Line) is created

          - Order is pushed to ERP system for fulfillment



          Parag Mone

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              Emerson Zabat

              Hi Parag,


              Thanks! I had the same thoughts.


              Initially, I thought that there is an out of the box process that builds the orders / line items but didn't find any. This leaves us with just either taking in data from an external system (e.g. ERP) or building a custom application/process for it.

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              Armin Heinlein




              I am planning to use a record producer to create the order and order line record. I will put the record producer on the Customer Service Portal where customers/consumers can place their orders. The creation on an order line item will trigger the workflow for fulfillment.




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                Ajay Gautam

                Hi Emerson,


                We did take the record producer approach on the portal to enable the customers to enter their order information. This was a logistics company and customers were creating cases if there was an issue with the order. The RP enabled them to add order/items in addition to create a case.