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    Managed Documents, Knowledge base or both??

      I've been doing some poking around trying to decide:

      1) If there is a correct answer at all

      2) Pros/Cons of using Knowledge management or Managed Documents in conjunction with Knowledge articles

      3) Does SN really even care which of these you use?


      I came across a couple of postings that seem close-

        ServiceNow as a Document Management Solution

        Pros and Cons of using Managed Documents


      but the dates lead me to believe that these were stagnant conversations, and ServiceNow is really not all that committal to what they are really going to see through to the end.


      Overall impression-

      Managed Documents

      Seems like an overly complicated way to manage your documents, particularly if all you really want to do is to manage (read basically version) your KB articles

      If you generate a Managed document


      • I like the versioning
      • I like that I can make a connection between the managed doc and a knowledge base article


      • Not a fan that every time I want to make a simple edit to a document, you get a new version assigned, seems to me that there should be some other mechanism that woudl allow an individual to identify if the change to be made was significant enough to warrant a new version
      • Not a fan of how my Knowledge base article is presented to the end user. IMHO, any Knowledge base article that you have that is in the form of a Title, some description, and an attached document that contains the meat of the article is rubbish... No one wants to find a KB that contains yet another attachment that they have to open in another app or window. Seems lazy.


      Knowledge Articles

      Pretty easy to create/updated, but out of the box there really doesn't seem to be a way to systematically maintain your articles, besides hiring a PTE or FTE to do nothing but cull through the documents...


      • Easy to generate
      • There is a nice workflow around the creation of these from within the Incident Closure process


      • In the article themselves, there isn't really a way to view "activity" that occurred on the document, like you might on an Incident or CMDB item.
      • Even though there is a nice workflow around the creation via Incident, there isn't anything around that puts a process around the "lifecycle" of the KB itself AFTER it is published..


      I'd love to hear from others who have used either and how they came to their conclusions on which to utilize or if they just use a combination of the two.


      I could see where an entity might use the managed doc route to manage internal process around operational knowledge of how to perform process x, y or z, and use the KBs for more of your public facing documents that describe process or how to's which would be presented to end users prior to Incident submission to assist in end user self help.


      Thought? Comments?

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          Göran Lundqvist

          Hi Doug,


          some quick comments.


          *Versioning exists now for articles as well. Need to activate a plugin to get it working. That will also get you subscription which lets people subscript to specific article or knowledge base.


          Biggest things here is that I think managed documents isn't really something that is being prioritized from ServiceNow. I haven't myself used it so much.

          I think it's something that been tagging along for quite some time and it's just there. Mainly before to trying to give the customers some kind of documentation system like sharepoint or similar.


          Knowledge is moving forward, for example just look at the new knowledge portal and the adding of versioning and subscribe. And it's all about sharing information. Both internal and external. Having knowledge for just storing external documents isn't really what it's for either.


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