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    Idea number is not populating in demand

      Hi All,


      Whenever I am trying to create a Demand from Idea, Instead of populating Idea Number on demand, "false" value gets populated.

      Also, as soon as I submit Idea, I can see Idea with false value. I have checked the BR which insert the record in Demand table but didn't find anything.

      Not sure what's wrong, no changes were made in OOB scripts.



      Thanks in advance

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          Sean Witt

          Hey...the first thing I would consider checking is the display value selected for the Idea table. Based on what displays at the top of the Idea form in the screen shot you shared, that seems to be your issue.


          For most tables, the display value is something like the Number field, so INC0000001 for an incident, IDEA0001001 for an idea, etc. So maybe someone accidentally switched the display value to a different field on the Idea table?


          You can check what the current display value is by:


          1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables

          2. Search/find the Idea table from the list and open it

          3. On the form displayed for the Idea table, filter the Columns list for Display=true

          4. This will show you which Column is currently set as the display column for the idea table


          If you switch this back to the appropriate column (typically either "Idea" or "Number") by making it true and the other column(s) false, that should take care of your issue.


          If you want to see who/when the display column was changed from the Out of Box value so that you can determine whether it was a conscious decision or a mistake, it looks like updates to the Dictionary Entry History are audited (sample image below). You can get to this information by opening the Dictionary Entry, and then right clicking in the form banner and selecting History > Calendar:






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