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    Expert Event 1/12 CreatorCon Challenge: Startup Fame & Fortune

      expert-logo-2.pngIf you’re an entrepreneur or early stage startup building an app business on the Now Platform, this is your shot at fame and fortune! ServiceNow Community Patron, Leader, 50K Club member, and TechNow maestro Chuck Tomasi will show you how to use Kingston to build, certify, and publish a revenue generating app for a lucrative use case applicable to multiple industry verticals to the ServiceNow Store and get rich quick. We’ll also cover the highlights of the $1M CreatorCon Challenge and how to enter.


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      Chuck Tomasi is a Sr. Technical Program Marketing Manager for ServiceNow.  He is a computer science major with over 35 years of IT experience. As a former ServiceNow customer, Chuck won the first Innovation of the Year Award at Knowledge 10. Since joining ServiceNow in 2010 as a Technical Consultant, he has done many large scale ITSM implementations and custom applications, acted as an adjunct instructor for Education Services, created and lead the Technical Best Practices program, makes appearances on Live Coding Happy Hour, created dozens of fit for purpose custom applications, and co-hosts the ServiceNow series “TechNow”.


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        • Re: Expert Event 1/12 CreatorCon Challenge: Startup Fame & Fortune
          Chuck Tomasi

          Per request... here are the code snippets for the UI action and script include mentioned in the video.


          UI Action:

          var answer = new Utils().createIncident(current);
          gs.addInfoMessage(gs.getMessage('safety_incident_created', [answer.number]));
          action.setRedirectURL('/incident.do?sys_id=' + answer.sys_id);


          Script Include:

          var Utils = Class.create();
          Utils.prototype = {
              initialize: function() {
           * Create an incident from a Safety record
           * @param safetyGr - GlideRecord()
           * @return - Object
           *    number = incident number
           *    sys_id = incident sys_id
          createIncident : function(safetyGr) {
               var inc = new GlideRecord('incident');
               inc.short_description = '(Safety): ' + safetyGr.getValue('short_description');
               inc.caller_id = safetyGr.getValue('opened_by');
               inc.description = safetyGr.getValue('description');
               return this._makeIncidentResponse(inc);
           * create a response object for the newly created incident
           * @param incGr - GlideRecord
           * @return Object
           *    number = incident number
           *    sys_id = incident sys_id
          _makeIncidentResponse : function(incGr) {
               var answer = {};
               answer.number = incGr.getValue('number');
               answer.sys_id = incGr.getValue('sys_id');
               return answer;
              type: 'Utils'
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