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    How does a software installation get removed from the list of discovery models?

      When I look at the list of Software Installations that are associated with a specific Software Discovery Model, I note that some of the CIs listed as "Installed on" components are considered "Non-Operational".  Do I need to modify Discovery so we do not count software that is installed on Non-Operational components or do something else so I do not count the software installed on those machines?

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          Ben Sweetser

          Hi Philip,


          How you handle this depends on which version of SAM you are using, so I will provide some details on several here and make a recommendation around process:

          • "ITSM SAM" - this is Software Asset Management prior to the SAM Professional release in Jakarta. If you are are working with Software Counters to get your compliance position, this is what you have. On the Software Counter, there is field called Software install condition. You can select the Operational status of the "Installed on" hardware from the Software Installation record as means to prevent these non-operational systems from being counted. This involves pulling down the field menu once to select Show Related Fields, a second time to select Installed on => Hardware fields, and a third time to select Operational status (or other field you are using to track this value).

          • SAM Professional in Jakarta - Software installation conditions do not exist in SAM Professional in Jakarta. You will need to wait for Kingston (currently in early availability as I write this).
          • SAM Professional in Kingston - Because Software Counters no longer exist in SAM Professional, the Software install condition is now set on the Software Model record. You can find it under the Discovery Map form section, and identify the install condition in a manner similar to that described above.


          All this said, you should address these situations where you have installations on non-operational hardware. Here are some suggestions:

          • Create a report of Software Installations that are installed to hardware marked as non-operational. This should be a fairly straightforward report on the Software Installation table.
          • Set up process by which the software installation records for non-operational hardware is deleted when the software is, in fact, removed or no longer accessible on the non-operational hardware.


          I hope this helps.



          Ben Sweetser, Principal Business Process Consultant