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    Project Management  - Delete Role

      I have read a few articles here on the ability of a Project Manage to delete Projects. The UI Action OOB, is Global, and has the condition - && gs.hasRole('admin') .

      I want project managers to be able to delete Project Tasks as well as Projects

      There are no Delete UI Action for anything Project, Demand or TeamSpace related records - they use the Global Delete Action.

      I did create a new UI Action from the Global one, omitted the admin role restriction, used Project Management table, and did an insert and stay.

      My questions here are;

      1. for clients who use Project Management, what UI Actions did you have to create to allow users to be able to delete Projects and Project Tasks?
      2. Can I have a UI Action that will delete the child tasks as well? As long as the role can delete. For example, if I delete a Project, will it clean up and delete the Project Tasks too?
      3. Will I need a separate UI Action to delete Project Tasks? Or any other PM related tasks for that matter.
      4. What has been your experience?

      Many thanks, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all in the forums,

      Mark S.