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    What customizations have you done for Knowledge Submission?

      We're just starting to fully utilize Knowledge, to include allowing fulfillers to create a Knowledge submission from an incident or problem ticket.


      Those of you who use the Knowledge Submission process (glide.knowman.submission.workflow=true), what customizations/configurations did you make to it?


      Thanks for your input!

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          Hi Susan,

          This all depends on requirement what you want.


          OOB when we create a knowledge submission from Incident then workflow gets triggered if property is set to true.


          We only did one modification on that i,e, we added approval into this.

          Thank you,

          Ashutosh Munot


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              Susan Williams

              Asutosh, thanks for your reply.


              We've not built any particular workflow for the KB Submission as we're trying to use it OOB as much as possible.  We're currently looking at things like...

              1.  Send an email notification when a Knowledge Submission is created so the approvers get alerted that a new submission is awaiting their approval.  I've gotten started on this by using a Notification triggered by an event, but am having trouble figuring out how to determine which users to send the email to.  The users who should receive the email are the owner and managers of the KB that is referenced by the glide.knowman.task_kb system property.  I'm not sure how to pull that into an email notification.

              2.  We have a 5-day delay between when an incident is resolved and when it is closed to give the caller an opportunity to let us know if the incident should be kept open.  The KB submission OOB works when the incident is closed, so I'll need to make adjustments to that if we want to create the submission when the incident is resolved rather than closed.

              3.  When the KB Article is created via the Create Article UI button, it doesn't appear that the KB Submission state is automatically changed to Closed, Article(s) Created.

              4.  We're not exactly sure what adding an Assignment Group and Assigned To does on a KB Submission.  Is that just to allow a group or individual user to review it and decide whether to create an article from it?  If so, who typically does the assigning?