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    Knowledge Admin role access / actions

      Dear community,


      We are running with Helsinki and Knowledge V3 at the moment, and our devo will upgrade to Jakarta in Feb18.


      I have knowledge admin role in my organization; i facilitate the whole process > create bases, set up user criterias, maintain / test etc. everything regarding the knowledge module.


      I have wondering the following:

      Knowledge menu > Administration > Properties

      I cannot change the settings in here - and not even see all the current used values:



      When i have asked  of this, our devo team says they have not changed OOB settings to knowledge_admin role.


      How do you see this? Can someone confirm this really should work like this? I need to create a change request every time when i want some small tick option to be changed.

      Is the any improvements in Jakarta maybe?!


      Thank you all in advance

      Br. Anna