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    Is it worth writing a SN plugin for Real-time telemetry, security and remediation ?

      Hi all,


      I have recently joined a new company, and one of the products we make (https://accelerite.com/products/sentient/ ) is a tool for 'Real-time telemetry, security and remediation for all devices'.

      Being an ex SN end-user, what jumped into my head was: would this not be a great tool to be used for problem management? It will allow you to see all devices in your org that are affected by the same behaviour and hence quickly find out what piece of the iceberg is under water based on the incidents you have already logged. Once you have identified which devices are affected, you could even go a step further and remediate the issue before your end-users log an incident..

      So I want to go to my product development team and suggest we make a SN connector that will easily allow you to use Sentient based on the information you have in your incidents/problems. But before I do that I would like to gauge if this is something that would be of interest to SN users..


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.