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    Contract Management Lifecycle issue with status field values getting change incorrectly

      I am working on one of the bug reported by our end users, in contract management “Status” field is getting auto change incorrectly. For e.g. contracts are getting activated from in process state on start date irrelevant whether contract is approved or rejected.

      I've also been noticing another issue with the expiration dates on In-Process Contract records.  I've found that I input an expiration date, such as 3 years out on 12/31/2020, and later when I come back to a record where the status has been changed to Active, it's been changed to the same date as the Effective Date.

      I discovered one of my contract records in ServiceNow which has a 12/31/2017 Effective Date, which the system change to Active on 12/1/2017.  Now I'm really concerned.  That almost seems like the system is changing certain In-Process contracts it finds in an In-Process status to "Active" on the first day of each month (even if the Effective Date hasn't happened yet).


      I think this definitely caused due to incorrect scripts running for contract management lifecycle in Business rule.

      Can someone help me best way to fix the issue if someone had faced similar kind of issue.