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    How to clear Indicator scores ?

      Dear Experts,


      I want to change the indicator source in indicator, When i try to change indicator source,I got pop message "Indicator Source cannot be changed because this indicator has scores ".

      I have used this indicator in many of the widgets and dashboard, if its possible to replace indicator source, then the value will get a change in all the widgets.

      Instead of creating new indicator, i want to replace indicator source under existing indicator itself.


      Is there any way to clear indicator score.Please suggest.

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          Josh Cooper

          Depending on the version of ServiceNow, you may see a link on the Indicator itself, that says "Scores for this Indicator" or "View Scoresheet" - if neither are there, then if you go to the actual Scorecard for the Indicator, then go to the menu on the top left, you should have one or the other.  It'll open a kind of tabular, Excel looking version of the thing, and in there will be a button on the top right to Clear All Scores.  That should be what you're looking for.



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              sriram santharaman

              Thanks for your quick reply,


              I created Indicator under global domain and collecting scores for 2 different domain from 2 different job by using same indicators(global domain and sub domain).


              I opened score sheet from global domain and deleted all scores, Now scores get cleared from global domain.


              When i try to change indicator source, still getting pop up message, "Indicators have score and can't delete".


              Now i opened indicator under sub domain and click on "Scores for this indicator" link, where indicator is not listed under Score sheet,because the indicator is created under global domain.


              When i click on "Show Scorecard" from subdomain, its displaying data for sub domain and there is no option to clear scores.


              Is there any way to clear indicator score from both the domain.

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                sriram santharaman

                Hi Josh,

                Could you please help me to solve this.