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    How to allow non-IT users to utilize ServiceNow

      Currently only IT is using ServiceNow (Helsinki) however other Non-IT departments (Vendors, HR, Facilities, Pharmacy, etc.) has seen the potential of the platform and would like to start using ServiceNow to assist with their day to day operations. As a hospital system we have both IT and Non-IT personnel (Vendors, HR, Facilities, Pharmacy etc.). and my team is task with coming up with a solution that would allow Non-IT users to use ServiceNow.

      Also these Non-IT users are a small subset averaging approximately 50 users per group.



      • Non-IT request, Incidents, etc. should not count or influence IT’s metrics.
      • The solution should not be near sighted but rather scalable since more and more departments may come onboard as the organization grows.



      1. Use of Domain Separation (What’s the Pro’s and Con’s)

      2. Use Filtering non-IT groups (which will can become a maintenance headache)

      3. Use of Departments

      4. Build a separate Service Portal with their own tables for REQ & INC


      I am looking for the best solution to accomplish this task.

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          Mike Morales

          Good morning Garfield,


          I would have to say the best solution would be to use the HR Application and its modules for HR.  Out of box, this separates the data from from IS, no filtering since the data is already set to be only visible by the hr roles, configuration of the user and groups can be used to achieve even further data isolation, and it comes with its own HR Service Portal.  I am not sure which version you are on, but I know this came with Helsinki for sure.  You probably need to reach out to your sales team for the information regarding licensing.  The same goes for facilities.  ServiceNow already has out of box applications to handle this. 


          Hope this helps,


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            Steven Gonzalez

            Hi Garfield,


            The platform will give the rest of the business the ability to record the amount of work that is being done. The larger questions here is what is your licensing structure? do you have an enterprise model? do you have it by subsction? This is the most important question to have answered before you choose to invest time in development of anything. This should be the responsibility of your platform owner. If you have a subcsription model for ITSA, then I would suggest you extend the table that has the logic you like most and then you can create ACL to limit the view of them. Another option you can do Is create a "scoped" application by extending the Incident table and you can set up sections within your platform that are encapsulted to the roles you create. This way you do not have to do domain seperation, I would make the domain seperation the last option, it is labor intensive to set up correctly. Hope this helps