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    24-Hour Schedule

      We have a requirement to auto-close HR cases after 3 business days (that have been awaiting acceptance with no updates). I have attempted to achieve this using a script-based Scheduled Job paired with a Schedule. We want to only count business days but count the entire 24-hour period (unlike the system-delivered Schedule 8-5 weekdays which is a 9-hour period). I have created a new schedule that includes weekdays and is set to 'All day'.


      When I run my Scheduled Job though, an unexpected behavior is observed:


      If my case was updated at 2017-12-20 16:44:36 and my time is 2017-12-21 18:40:16, the duration according to my 24-hour Schedule is 1970-01-01 13:40:16 when I would expect it to show as 1970-01-02 01:55:40. Could someone explain to me why according to my schedule it does not register that 24 hours has passed?