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    From UI Action Redirect User to a Specific Field(Change)

      I have modified the cancel change UI Action to require the user to enter a reason for cancelling in the close_notes field. The action works as expected but doesn't give a great user experience. The close notes field sits in a tab called Closure Information. When you select the cancel button it appears to do nothing but the close notes field is now required and there is a message underneath the field requesting a reason. But if the users doesn't look at this tab they wouldn't think nothing happened. What I would like to do is either add a popup message that says please enter reason in close notes or have it redirect the user to the closure information tab. After the last setMandatory line I tried adding gs.addInfoMessage(gs.getMessage('text here'); but it doesn't work. Is there a way to add the popup in the first function or better yet is there a way to redirect the user to the close notes field in the closure information section?



      function cancelChange(){

        var wn = g_form.getValue('close_notes');

        if (wn == ''){




        g_form.showFieldMsg('close_notes','Close Notes are Mandatory when Cancelling a Change','error');

        g_form.setMandatory('close_notes', true);


        return false;



      gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), 'cancel_change'); //MUST call the 'Action name' set in this UI Action



        //Code that runs without 'onclick'

      //Ensure call to server-side function with no browser errors

      if (typeof window == 'undefined')




      function moveToCancel(){




      if (new ChangeRequestStateHandler(current).moveTo("canceled"))




      Thanks in Advance