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    Struggling with automated testing

      I am trying to build some automated tests (for the first time) in Jakarta to simplify our upgrade process.  The one I'm working on needs to do the following:

      1. Create and Submit a 'Ticket' (similar to 'Call')

      2. A business rule should run on 'Submit' and create a 'Request', and set the 'Transferred to' value on the 'Ticket' referencing the new 'Request'

      ^Business rule is not running...??? Is that a limitation of Test Management, or do I need to add a step to run the rule somehow?

      3. Validate that the 'Request' was created and that fields contain expected values

      ^How do I get to the request from the ticket?

      4. Validate that the correct workflow is running on the 'Requested Item'

      5. Validate that the workflow created the correct 'Catalog Tasks'

      6. Set variable values on the 'Requested Item' (via one of the Catalog Tasks) and close one of the tasks

      7. Validate that another task is created upon close of the previous task

      8. Repeat step 7 until all tasks are closed to confirm the rest of the workflow completes


      Can I do all of this in one test?


      Also, while I'm asking... is there no way to create a test for completing and submitting an 'Order Guide'?  I have one that creates three items, and would like to do it from the order guide rather than by creating each item individually.