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    Issues With Filter Widget



      Has anyone experience issues with updating records from filter widgets? Previously, records could be edited from a list on dashboard that was made up of a filter widget. This no longer seems to be the case as of Jakarta and it appears that the widget must be a report in order for editing to take place.


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          Josh Cooper

          I believe you're correct.  We used to have a few different methods of putting lists on dashboards/homepages, like using 'gauges' and other things that would sometimes have their own unique behaviors.


          Lately those have been replaced with the Interactive Filters concept, and the lists themselves replaced with a 'list' type Report block.

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              Thank you so much for your response! It seems that there are some instances where you can force the list into an edit mode so it was confusing for some to think that maybe the functionality was just buggy. I will make sure we adjust our dashboards since in some cases we rely on them for ticket management.


              Thanks again!