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    Shopping cart

      When we add item in card and check sc_cart_item table , we see item with cart "DEFAULT" in table . but when checking this table ,

      I can see some card with sys_id directly means other than "DEFAULT" too.


      What all are they ??  I checked the user profile who created those card which are like sys_id but they dont have any item in shopping card .


      Here is my sc_cart_item table:

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          Rajesh Mushkhe

          Hi sapna.sagar,



          I have observed in your screen shot, only one sys_id is populating for every record,  so please write a background script to find the above sys_id belongs to which table/record:


          1. var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_db_object'); 
          2. gr.addQuery('sys_id','YOURSYSID HERE');  
          3. gr.query(); 
          4. while(gr.next()) 
          5.   { 
          6. // gs.addInfoMessage(gr.name);
          7. gs.print(gr.name); //This will give you table/Record name
          8. }


          Let me know if you need more help...

          Thank you,
          Rajesh Mushke.
          Developer Expert 1

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