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    Using PA for YTD time management metrics

      I'd like to create a report that tracks project time vs. operational time using a custom table that creates daily time entries by task. I think I have the right scores where I take capacity from the new daily aggregate in Jakarta and then pull project time and operational time so that I can use a formula indicator to calculate the percentage and add to a dashboard widget by employee. My concern is that this seems like it's going to be a very large data set the further I get into the year as I want to track YTD numbers but have to accomodate for variances in when people enter their time up to two weeks. Has anyone done something similar using PA on resource tables and time card metrics?

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          I probably don't understand the end goal... but where do you feel the data set size is concerning?  It sounds like two or three indicators combining into a Formula Indicator and one of those per person per day across the year.  Sound about right?


          If I'm understanding correctly, then I wouldn't be worried about size.  Consider how many tasks these people are already touching in-system and how many indicators those updates (or non-updates) are getting captured in.  Incidents alone have about 40 automatic & 30 calculated indicators for volumes in the hundreds per day.