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    kb_home page

      Hello team,


      I want to know how the topics are came on to the kb_home ui page. I go through the kb_home ui page but i did not understand that code. Anybody please explain where these topics and categories are came?

      Thanks and Regards,
      Bhagya Lakshmi,

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          Andrew Wortham

          Hello Bhagya,


          This is a pretty legacy view of Knowledge.  I can tell you that it loops through the topics, the topics are an old field that used to be exposed at the knowledge article level and are now hidden. 


          What are you trying to do with the kb_home page?  Do you need to know the exact Jelly that loops through them?




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            Steve Driscoll (OCLC)

            I believe the topic and category values are stored in the sys_choice table.


            Here's a link to view your topic values:

            https://<<YOUR INSTANCE>>.service-now.com/sys_choice_list.do?sysparm_query=nameINjavascript%3AgetTableExtensions('kb_knowledge')%5Eelement%3Dtopic


            Is this what you're looking for?