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    Nexpose integration


      Currently, We are working on the RAPID7 Nexpose integration. I have installed the plugin from servicenow store and using that to load the vulnerabilities in servicenow. I have setup the connection already and I am receiving data also from nexpose. But I am seeing some odd behaviors in ECC Queue regarding this.

      1. After installing the plugin there are few scheduled jobs that got created in servicenow to fetch the data from Nexpose. When I am running the Nexpose Last scan scheduled job i am seeing there is one output record and 2 input records. One of the input record is showing error - (Nexpose API Error) and the other input report is fetching correct data. My query is why we have two input records in EccQueue and what is this Nexpose API Error?

      2. When servicenow is trying to fetch the data from Nexpose via MIDServer then from which reports in nexpose it fetch the data

      3. The expectation is to receive the records in thousands but we are receiving only few hundred records.

      4. If you have end to end flow for servicenow nexpose integration(how it works) , please share.