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    Records not visible in list view

      I want to display CMDB Class wise data in dashboards.


      When i click on class name, its navigate to Records page, but records not visible in list view, when we check in table, its showing 2597 records as the same count which displaying in TOP of the page.


      When i click on breakdowns, its showing breakdown wise record count.when i click on records then its not displaying any items in list.


      Kindly advise.

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          Pieter Goris

          Hi Sriram,


          did you check 'collect records' checkbox on the source tab of the indicator?


          But maybe more importantly, why would you want to collect those records and view them in the records tab of a detailed scorecard? How many records are shown on a page? 50? That means to actually view the almost 3000 records that an end user has to paginate through 60 pages. Who will do so?

          Better to make a report for that. 


          Cheers, Pieter

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              sriram santharaman

              Thanks Pieter,


              "Collect Records" option was not checked. will activate and execute the job.


              Also i designed as column reports, As you mentioned above, when user click on reports, it will navigate to records page.


              Anyway users not going to check whole records in list view, but, when there is Mismatch with no of counts and records then it will let them to confuse.


              Thanks for correct answer.