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    Multiple widget indicators in a Breakdown widget ??

      Hello there,


      Happy new year to you all !!


      I need your help with an Assets age analysis dashboard I am trying to create. Specimen (from MS Excel) attached. So we plan to show the count of Notebooks and Desktops deployed out there and their Age.


      I have created the indicators (Number of Deployed Desktops, Number of Deployed Notebooks) and Breakdown (Asset age).


      Then I created a Breakdown widget with Number of Deployed Desktops as the primary Indicator and Asset Age as a Breakdown. And added the Number of Deployed Notebooks as the secondary Indicator (Attachment B1). But the widget doesn't show the 2nd Indicator (for Notebooks) at all (Attachment B2). I tried switching from Column to different other visualizations with no success.


      The 2nd thing which I tried was to create a Breakdown of Asset Category (Notebooks or Desktops). So I created the Indicator (Number of Deployed Computers - All) and selected the Asset Category as Breakdown, Desktop as the Element and the Asset Age as the 2nd Breakdown. Then I chose Number of Deployed Notebooks as the 2nd Widget Indicator at the bottom but it (the Notebooks) still doesn't up on the widget at all.

      I also went the Breakdown way by adding the 2nd widget Indicator for Number of Deployed Computers - All and then selecting Asset Category as Breakdown, Notebooks as the Element and the Asset Age as the 2nd Breakdown, but it doesn't show up on the widget.


      So is there some limitation on having more than one widget Indicator on a breakdown widget ? What do you guys suggest for achieving the format similar to the one from Excel ?


      Thanks a lot.