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    List v3 filter not searching correctly

      First off, I love the UI enhancements to List v3.  I think they are much more intuitive and as much negative feedback as List v3 receives, I think it deserves a little praise too (although that's the nature of a support community I guess).


      I'm in the process of upgrading to Jakarta patch 4 and noticed something in my testing.  The filter for List v3 is not honoring the {tablename}.autocomplete.contains user preference or ref_ac_columns or ref_auto_completer dictionary attributes.  I waited on activating List v3 until the upgrade to take advantage of Jakarta's performance improvements so I don't think it has anything to do with the platform version.


      The result is not being able to search by a person's last name or email address when typing in a user reference field.  This has a pretty big impact for us because we are a global company and sometimes an employee's name may be shortened or in an unpredictable order (i.e. what you think is a first name is actually a middle name).


      Has anyone overcome or dealt with this issue yet?  I searched the community and was unable to find anyone else describing the same issue.  I realize users can just prefix the name with a wildcard but I rather rely on a feature working as opposed to increasing the platform's learning curve.


      Thanks in advance!