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    How to filter selected knowledge bases from Contextual Search results

      We are running Helsinki, and have multiple active KBs in service targeted at different purposes. For example:


      • A KB targeted at IT support staff (ServiceNow ticket workers)
      • A KB targeted at end-user support (self service)
      • A KB for IT Metrics articles, posted weekly to the Portal page
      • A KB for routine scheduled outage notifications


      In the Contextual Search we use in the Incident form, targeted at IT Support workers, we want to show only selected KBs - there's no reason for IT Metrics and routine Outage Notification articles to appear in that focused Contextual Search. I have been looking at configuration options for Searchers and Search Contexts, and I don't see anything that will permit the filtering of results based on selected KBs.


      This makes too much sense to not be possible. Pray tell, what detail am I missing?


      Thanks kindly!

      -Michael Fisher