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    Populate values from UI Action via catalog to record producer

      Hey community,


      I like to populate the incident sys_id to a record producer on_load script when using the UI action from the incident form.


      My UI action adds the sys_id to the catalog URL like this:


      var url = "catalog_home.do?sysparm_view=catalog_service_catalog_europe&sys_myparm="
      url += current.sys_id;


      The specified catalog open and the URL has the sys_id. So far, so good.

      But when clicking now on an item, the sys_myparm parameter is gone. Why?


      When I started with this idea, the (build in?) UI action 'create request' was different:

      var url = "catalog_home.do?sysparm_view=catalog_service_catalog_europe&sysparm_processing_hint=setfield:request.parent="
      url += current.sys_id;



      It adds a parameter called sysparm_processing_hint. This one is still part of the URL on the record producer page. Why not sys_myparm also??



      Thanks for your help!


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