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    Trigger a Notification relative to create time that goes to dynamic Groups and Assignees...

      Hello Servicenow Community,


      I'll keep this open ended:  I'm trying to figure out the best way to kick off an Email Notification to the Assigned To and Assignment Group of the task after a task has been open too long (notice I didn't say the SLA has been Breached).


      Yes, we have defined SLAs and we have the default SLA workflow - but the Notifications in Workflow do not seem to provide this functionality as they are defined using a statically defined group and user.


      An email Notification seems to require an Insertion or Update to kick off rather than just firing when the criteria are met, which doesn't work in this situation.


      I have some ideas about how to do this (having to do with a scheduled job kicking off a registered event, which calls the Notification, or triggering the same from a workflow), but am frankly surprised that this functionality apparently isn't available OOB as a simple configuration and can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something.  It just seems overly complicated for what should be a simple OOB fiunctionality.


      This has to be a common need and should warrant a straightforward solution (IMHO).  Who can provide one?  Ideally, this will be accomplished from an Email Notification (not the Workflow).