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    On after transform script not working

      Hi all,


      I have a table Security Incidents and a Third party refrence table. In the third party, I created a refrence field to Security incidents.


      I am importing data from excel which has both the fields of security incidents and third party reference,


      To insert data into third party reference and add a relationship between 2 tables, I created an Onafter transform script.


      var sftInst = new GlideRecord('x_169104_security_third_party_system_invoved');



      sftInst.ip = source.u_ip;





      sftInst.third_party_new = target.sys_id;


      log.info('target.sys_id=' + target.sys_id);


      log.info('Number = ' + target.incident_title);


      log.info("third party reference = "+ sftInst.third_party_new );



      I see that sys_id is correct and is populating into third party reference field in the logs but I do not see any record created for Third Party table and no reference is working. what did I miss here.