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Jakarta - Scoring and ranking demands and projects


This is video 4 of 5 demonstrating PPM functionality in the Jakarta version of ServiceNow.


This video shows how scores for demand, project and programs are created and how these can be used to rank these in Portfolio WB.



Score Calculation

An automated score is calculated for demand, project and program entities

The score is calculated based on risk, value and size attributes

A new field Score has been added to demand, project and program form headers. The field should be shown in the default views.

Score for demand

Risk, value and size scores are calculated for demands based on assessments.

Using these 3 scores, a consolidated score will be created

Risk, value and size scores from demands will be copied over to the projects

Score for Project

For the projects that are not created from demands, size, value and risk scores are calculated separately.

Size score comes from Planned Estimate,

Value score comes from Planned ROI%

Risk scores comes from Risk attribute on project

Score for Program

Program score is calculated as same as project score

If no value is entered for planned ROI, risk and planned estimate, the default score will be 5.


Impact Metrics